Working with Stone

Type of stone

Reconstituted stone is also known as “engineered stone” and is composed of natural marble/granite granulates and powder combined with a highly specialised polyester resin. The resulting product has physical properties similar to those of marble/granite, but has a number of properties and characteristics which surpass natural marble/granite from its raw state.

Other ground aggregates such as stones, mirror flecks, coloured glass and shells are also added to some batches, and combine the strength and durability of composite materials with the elegance of natural stone.

Ideal for kitchens, splash backs, vanities, counter tops/reception desks, bar tops, staircases and shower / bathroom wall lining.

Natural stone is categorised into three basic geological classifications by their respective formation processes: Sedimentary, Metamorphic and igneous. Additionally, stones in each category can be either Calcareous or Siliceous.

Grantite (Siliceous/Igneous)
Is an attractive and durable stone that has a medium to course grain. Granite varies in colour from speckled lights to rich browns to midnight blacks and is extremely versatile. Use in indoor and outdoor applications including benchtops, splashbacks, vanities, flooring and walls.

Marble (Calcareous/Metamorphic)
Is characterised by its unique veins and swirls adding a sophistication to any area. Used extensively for flooring, walls, bench tops, splashbacks and vanities, marble is more delicate than other natural stones and if cared for correctly will last forever.

Limestone (Calcareous/Sedimentary)
Limestone ranges in colour and texture from whites through to deep charcoal. Perfect for low traffic areas such as bathrooms,cladding and feature walls.

Travertine (Calcareous/Sedimentary)
A classic stone ranging in colour from whites to coffee and silver. It is a very durable stone and is perfect for indoor and outdoor applications such as vanities, staircases, floors and walls.

Onyx (Calcareous/Sedimentary)
This unique stone can be backlit and is perfect for making a feature or statement in a kitchen, foyer or vertical applications such as feature walls or dressing up bars.

Natural Stone Care and Maintenance

Your stone supplier will talk you through caring for your stone as every stone is different.

Basic Care

Marble, Granite, Limestone & Travertine should be washed with a clean, soft cloth and fresh warm water.
Then as an additional safeguard, wash your natural stone surfaces periodically with warm water and a mild
neutral detergent. This should remove any residue which may have become ingrained.

  • Do not use sandpaper or cleaners containing grit or abrasives on natural stone surfaces.
  • Use a coaster under all glasses, particularly those containing alcohol or citrus juices. Many common foods and drinks contain acids that will etch or dull the stone surface.
  • Do not place hot items directly on the stone surface. Use trivets or mats under hot dishes and placemats under china, ceramics, silver or other objects that can scratch the surface.
  • All natural stone should be sealed to protect the finish. Please consult a qualified applicator for advice on the correct sealer to use on your stone.

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